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[SELL] Royal Server - Updated.

em Sab 9 Jun 2018 - 15:09
Hi to everyone.

Today i want to share with you an Updated Version of the Royal Metin2.

This version comes with a lot of changes.

The server was translated full in enlgish language.

Interface images was translated too with some little changes.

The quests are translated too, a lot of them was updated.

A little Presentation : https://i.imgur.com/QEjm7X9.jpg


Skype : gurzau_ionutz / Private Message.
Price: I don't set a price for th?at files yet. I will up?date the topic later.

What's the new features of this version ?

- The old loading images was changed.

- All viruses have disappeared.

- A new version of Config.exe was added. It's in english language and works perfect.

- Server comes with the standard keys, you can work easly and crypt your game in your own way.

- Wild Fantasy protection was Disabled. / Check files protection from root was Disabled too.

- All systems was translated.

- Source / Client / Server / Quests /Interface / Protos / Itemdesc -> Translated.

- All Backdoors was deleted from Source.

- 7 Crash core or more was Solved.

- Pet system was updated, some interface bugs was solved and the feed with weapon window was deleted.

- Title system.

* Disable title option was solved.
* Required potions to buy a title was solved.
* Interface open duplicate bug was solved.
* In Store Shopping window was solved the problems with movable objects from interface.

- 6/7 Bonuses

* 6/7 Bonuses was added.
* The Crash core was solved.
* New options in channels CONFIG : attr_rare_enable: 0/1

- Another options from CONFIG


- Sash System

- Visual Sash Models BUG was Solved.
- Absortion rate was solved.
- Fine cloth quests, was changed.
- Another function in C++ for /item was added for Sash.
- Now you can set the absortion for a sash with the second argument.
- Bonus absortion window works now.

- Animated Weapons

* The whole function was changed from Source.
* I used my own function, now you have the animated weapons as costume weapons.
* Now you can have in your server how many sets of items you want.
* The Fan bug on Horse, was solved too.
* Bonuses & Time are working corectly.

- Quets

- Some new quests was added.
- And some old useless quests was deleted.
- The important quests was translated in english language.

- Bonus Page

- The old bonus page was deleted.
- The new one can be opened from character window.
- Bonuses appear in english language.
- All bonuses appear in real time.

- Offline Shop

- The unlimited time options was changed from source / client / server.
- 8 Hours instead of unlimited.
- You can make a lot of setting from channels CONFIG.
- Interface window was addapted too.
- Offline shop was translated in english language too.

Gold Bars.

- The quets was changed and translated.
- They are in full english language.
- Yang amount was solved.
- Protos & Itemdesc changed too.

Online Friends System.

- The stucked window after teleport was solved.


- The sidebar was added.
- Sidebar bug on teleport was solved, now the interface will be closed on update.


- Now when you make a screenshot you will find a message on chat.

Recycle Bin

- Now the recycle bin window have a close button.

Group System.

- Window was translated.
- Chat messages was translated.
- Messages Box was translated.

- Dump Proto Source

- Dump Proto source was added.
- The mobs texture was solved.

Change race

- Another function was added in C++.
// Change race into warrior was solved.


* Dash with 3x DMG was solved.
* Inventory takes always 2 keys, the exploit was solved. // Credits to meleme18.
* Change empire quets was solved.
* The Epic Sura sword drop bug was solved.
* Immune bug fixed.
* Messenger Exploit Solved.
* API Tool Solved.
* Cube solved.
* Costume Solved.
* PvP CrashCore Solved.
* 6/7 CrashCore Solved.
* Drop CrashCore Solved.
* Info Target CrashCore Solved.


- Items will dissapear after 5 seconds.
- New Restriction when you are using quests.
- The required mana for your horse was changed.
- Soul Stone to make all skill G1.
- Rainbow Stone to make all skills P.
- Kill / Kick / Mute on the players target from staff accounts.
- Harm commands quest.
- GM stats quest, the cooldown bonus was added to.
- Autopotion on the next level was deleted from source.
- Emotions without Mask.

Server Welcome

* Full PVM set equiped from start.
* New quest for start.
* Now you will have all secondary skills from start.
* Lv. 21 Horse from Start.

These are the updates that I remember so far.
I think it's possible to be the last update.
For more details you can contact me on skype.
™Level 1™
™Level 1™
Mensagens Mensagens : 19
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Inscriçao Inscriçao : 23/06/2017

Re: [SELL] Royal Server - Updated.

em Dom 24 Jun 2018 - 23:46
A moderator can close this topic.

I need to remake topic with the last updates.

Thank you.
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